I heard on the radio this morning that a gentleman, and I use that word loosely, received one of those bumper stickers that said his child was student of the month.  This was not a participation sticker. Her grades were so good they were honoring her for that particular month.  He did not want to put the sticker on his car because it was a Mercedes G-series.  He didn’t want to ruin the paint job.

When did cars become more important than our children?  While I think the stickers can get a little ridiculous, how good will your child feel knowing that you are proud enough to display something on your precious car that honors them?  Maybe you shouldn’t have purchased such an expensive vehicle if it was going to become more important than the child you made.

If my son comes home with a sticker it will definitely be going on my car.  I want him to know how proud I am and that he is my number one priority.  What can you do for your child today to show them they are your number one priority?  Maybe give them an extra hug, a better snack for dessert, or simply tell them you are proud of them.

Personally, I like this sticker.  🙂




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Not Judging

I want to make it clear that I am not judging other parents when I write about the things I see or hear.  We all need a little help and sometimes it is hard to hear, especially from our friends.

One thing I used to do, before I had a child of course, was judge.  I knew everything and since I didn’t have a kid my advice was obviously better since I had worked at a day care.  Let me tell you that does NOT make you an expert, especially when it comes to your own kid.  One of the main things I judged people on was their kids using electronics at a restaurant.  Now, at the actual table when we are eating electronics are not allowed in my family, at home or at a restaurant.  However, when you have a 2 year old and you go to a busy restaurant with a 45-minute wait…you will quickly change your stance on using electronics.  Now, you might say well 20 years ago we didn’t have all this stuff so why do we need to use it now?  My answer is the world is a completely different place and change is a must.

I am not saying any time your kid acts up hand them a tablet or phone.  However, sometimes it is necessary.  Not to mention that there are tablets out there that are geared just for kids.  When my son, Slade, was two we got him the Nabi (affiliate link) tablet and let me tell you it was AWESOME.  He loved that thing for 2 whole years and all of the apps we downloaded were free.  There are one’s you can purchase but we did fine with the free one’s.  They were all educational too.  I think it is a great starter for kids when it comes to electronics.  Plus, it keeps you from having to give up your phone. 🙂



Why Your Toddler Is An Asshole

Every day I hear excuses made by parents on why their son or daughter is acting like a jerk.  He’s tired, he’s hungry, and he’s bored.  No one wants to take responsibility for their children and the way they act anymore.  They want to jump on the ADD train immediately.  I hate to tell you this, but your son is a jerk because you don’t discipline him. Plain and simple.

I saw a mother the other day in the grocery store battling with her son about whether or not he was sitting in the cart.  He was maybe 3.  She kept saying, “Son, will you please sit in the cart for mommy?”  I am thinking, are you kidding me?  He is 3. You don’t ask him to do something.  You tell him to do something, and if he doesn’t, there are consequences.  Just like all these day care standards where kids have choices.  Yes, their choice should be do what you say or here is the consequence.

Another incident I witnessed at a store was a mother counting, you know the 1…..2……2 and a half….and she kept doing it over and over, and nothing ever happened when she got to 3. If we kept eating the chocolate we love so much there is a result…we gain weight.  Similarly, if you allow a child to continue the bad behavior, they will become an asshole.

I am not a perfect parent by any means, and we all make mistakes and learn as we go.  However, the one thing that is constant in parenting is that if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.  Discipline is a must, and I don’t mean spanking when I say discipline.  You have to find something that is devastating to them to lose or to do. I will take away electronics, yes, but these days that is not even enough.  So in addition to that, my son has to sweep and mop the floor or clean the bathroom.  I don’t know about you, but most boys or men I know do not like to clean.  It is all about finding out what works and STICKING TO IT.  Consistency is the key.

If you need help on this, maybe take some parenting classes, watch a few webinars.  Pinterest is an excellent source of all things parenting.  You can do it…and you have to for your sanity and your children’s success.



I am starting this blog as an outlet for my opinions, sarcasm, and just every day life issues.  Some blog posts will have solutions.  Some will just be rants.  I have been told a lot in my life that I am negative, but I don’t see it that way.  I am a realist. Enjoy. 🙂