I heard on the radio this morning that a gentleman, and I use that word loosely, received one of those bumper stickers that said his child was student of the month.  This was not a participation sticker. Her grades were so good they were honoring her for that particular month.  He did not want to put the sticker on his car because it was a Mercedes G-series.  He didn’t want to ruin the paint job.

When did cars become more important than our children?  While I think the stickers can get a little ridiculous, how good will your child feel knowing that you are proud enough to display something on your precious car that honors them?  Maybe you shouldn’t have purchased such an expensive vehicle if it was going to become more important than the child you made.

If my son comes home with a sticker it will definitely be going on my car.  I want him to know how proud I am and that he is my number one priority.  What can you do for your child today to show them they are your number one priority?  Maybe give them an extra hug, a better snack for dessert, or simply tell them you are proud of them.

Personally, I like this sticker.  🙂




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